Sample Collection & Packing Instructions for Water Characterization Test

  1. Use two sterile, clean, 250-300 ml plastic bottles with screw tops. Label them using waterproof marker for date, location, time of collection and an ID number or sample number. We are glad to overnight ship a sample collection kit to you, call or email us.
  2. Take two samples, filling each bottle with care taken to collect a representative sample of the water to be tested.
  3. Place each filled sample bottle in a separate zip lock bag. Then put the sample bags in a separate, additional water tight bag.
  4. Put approximately 1 liter of ice in a small, water tight container, if using a plastic bag, please double up the bag as leaking ice water is a big concern to the shipping companies.
  5. For shipping, use a small insulated plastic cooler or large wide mouth unbreakable thermos.
  6. Put a filled out Southern Research chain of custody form in a zip lock bag and place this inside the cooler. We can fill out the tests to be run once we discuss the sample. Call or email us for the form.
  7. Place the ice, samples, and a copy of the filled out Chain of custody form in the cooler.
  8. Seal the edges of the cooler lid with duct tape or other waterproof tape. The goal is to make sure there are no leaks. Label the cooler that it contains non potable water samples.
  9. Ship overnight FEDX to Southern Research Institute with address information from the Chain of Custody form. On the FEDEX form, please call or email us with the tracking information.