Electrocoagulation Process

With over 33 years experience in the water remediation business we have come to understand our customers needs by doing several things extremely well. Listen, learn and continually innovate.

Our customers do not expect a magic solution or over inflated promise of delivery. They want simple solutions at an affordable price offered under a single source of accountability. Sounds easy right? Well it isn’t. Water treatment is extremely complicated as it is the most abundant and dynamic compound on the Earth's surface. To provide a complete solution we must first listen to what our customers know regarding their specific water treatment operation, learn about the unique characteristics of every specific sample and then draw from our experience a customized solution that fits only their unique requirement. Here is how our process works. Water characteristics vary so good lab analysis is critical because the characteristics of wastewater vary tremendously across industry and even within specific industry sectors. For example, in shale gas drilling and production operation, the amount of dissolved and suspended solids can vary by more than fifty percent from wells that are less than twenty miles apart. This is a result of the highly varied geology and hydrology associated with most locations that contain petroleum. The produced water associated with shale gas makes up about 80 percent of the water to be processed and ten to fifty percent of the wells will have benzene and other chemicals that have to be removed prior to disposal. At coal power plants, the scrubber waste water contains levels of chlorides, mercury, boron, arsenic and other materials that vary as much as fifty percent from one coal plant to another. In addition, there are often dynamic changes in water characteristics due to operational changes in a process, or geologic or weather impacts. The only proven way to reliably predict performance of remediation equipment is to perform tests to determine the chemical concentrations of the wastewater before and after treatment with F&T equipment.

Our first step is to determine the chemical characteristics of the water by asking the customer to supply either pre-existing analysis data or have the company submit a sample for laboratory analysis. A sample volume for lab analysis is typically less than one liter.

Once the incoming water characteristics are known, the second step is to perform a bench test using the F&T equipment to perfect an F&T solution. This is done by having the customer ship a ~ 50- 200 gallon sample of water to our lab. The F&T operations team has extensive experience and will first review the water characteristics and the target materials to be removed and then perform several tests to determine the most appropriate treatment protocols by flowing water through the system at 2 gallons per minute or less for a long enough time to reach equilibrium. Then the team will collect samples to observe the precipitation rate and then take a sample of the water that has been separated from the solids that settle to the bottom or float to the top. The F&T equipment has a minimum of four different chemical reactions that are each performed in a separate chamber. A combination of one or more of the chambers is typically selected as the optimum solution based on the customer requirements so there can easily range from four to fifty samples that need to be tested for the contaminates of interest. Often, for shale gas water, the customer is also interested in proof that bacteria has been killed and this test is performed in addition to testing for heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, lead, or other targets such as iron or zinc.

Once the bench test is proven to be a good solution, it is then necessary to run a field trial. The field trial is important because it allows F&T to optimize the solution and run a small size piece of equipment for several days or a month before deployment of a complete system whether it is for a fixed asset or portable unit. That is why it is so important for F&T to work with our customers to get fast, accurate turn-around lab results.

We hope this helps you understand why we are so passionate about what we do and thank you for your consideration and look forward to working with you with any of your water remediation needs.