Electrocoagulation Reaches Low Cost Milestone for Shale Gas Deployment

‘Bill Gilmore’, Senior EC Design Expert, Discusses the Design Improvements

F&T’s Variable Electro Precipitation Unit Competes Field Test on Flowbackwater at Unconventional Shale Natural Gas Water Treatment Facility

March 4, 2013

F&T’s “Skid Mounted Variable Electro Precipitator ™” Exceeds Water Treatment Expectations with Greater Efficiency and Lower Maintenance Cost

Colorado Springs, Colorado—March 4, 2013—Well respected EC technology inventor, Bill Gilmore received heartfelt congratulations from the first three shale gas technical teams evaluating the new water treatment systems. At the Company’s manufacturing site, visitors were able to observe the impacts of radical design changes that have replaced the industry’s historical maintenance nightmare vertical stacks of fragile electrodes that were easy to break and hard to replace. By going to a horizontal design, using the patent pending vertical flow deflectors and external electrical connectors, the unit improves the magnetic and Faraday effect at a higher water flow rate per unit volume of the reactor. Bill goes on to estimate a twenty to forty percent reduction in cost per gallon treated compared to his previous patents and other EC systems he is familiar with that are now on the market.

Based in Colorado Springs Colorado and Boca Raton Florida, F&T Water Solutions, LLC is an Electrocoagulation company that provides fixed, mobile, modular, electric-powered water treatment systems for use in treating hydraulic fracturing flowback water, produced water, and a broad sector of wastewater applications. The company’s focus is a chemical free approach for removing total suspended solids (TSS), destruction of bacteria and viruses, removal of water hardness chemicals, and lowering the concentrations of metal ions such as Ba, Fe, Hg, Cr, and significant reductions in salinity. Reactors are skid mounted and are available in 2, 25gpm, 100gpm, and 250gpm sizes.

Known throughout the global water treatment industry as the “one of the most successful designers of EC systems, Bill relates, “The customers will be especially pleased by the high efficiency and low cost, coupled with better treatment results and maintenance improvement. We selected the new horizontal design because I was frustrated with the headaches of broken carbon electrodes, and the ever present corrosion and hot spots created by having the electrical connections exposed to the fluids inside the reactor. Now, we are able to easily replace electrodes when they wear out and we are totally avoiding the issues of corroded electric connections. But, all said the biggest deal is the fact we have significantly improved the environmental footprint at the well site while reducing the cost.”

F&T provides environmental solutions that make a difference. F&T maintains offices in ColoradoSprings Colorado, Boca Raton, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. Email Info@FTWaterSolutions.com Phone 561 306 0605