Solutions: Variable Electro Precipitator™ (VEP™)

There are many available Electrocoagulation units on the marketplace today to choose from. All of them do some things well. The challenge is that none of them have been able to sustain a long EC unit life at a continual low cost of operation. That is until now. The difference between the standard EC unit provider and F&T Water Solutions is the introduction of our new Variable Electro Precipitator™ (VEP™). This new EC unit solves these two challenges with VEP’s™ newly enhanced flow path and electrode connections.

The flow path on the VEP™ units have been designed for maximum retention time and increased turbulence to aid in the amount of effective treatment per gallon. One of the design weak points of existing EC units is in their electrode connections. These present designs cause overheating and premature failure of the reaction chambers. The design of the F&T Water Solutions VEP™ units has solved these performance issues by changing all electrode connections from a wet connection (inside the chamber) to an external dry connection. Our new design enables F&T Water Solutions to have a cooler running unit and a longer chamber life.

The bottom line is, we can save you money.