300-400 GPM Skid Mounted System | Electrocoagulation Unit

The new F&T 300-400 GPM Skid Mounted Electrocoagulation Production Units (patent pending) are designed to provide an efficient and effective platform for medium to high flow Electrocoagulation (EC) water treatment applications. These system are also designed to control the EC process by allowing the user to control three treatment variables; the retention time or the flow rate of the water to be treated, the current intensity (amps/cm2), and the selection of sacrificial and non-sacrificial electrodes. Two multiple provisioned high flow rate reaction chambers are separately controlled, operating in parallel, and included in these systems. The reaction chambers are easily accessible to allow the user to vary the anode and cathode material selection. In addition the reaction chambers can be disassembled and reassembled to modify the electrode configuration in each reaction chamber.

The system is designed with four centrifugal pumps designed to provide a maximum output. System operation is accomplished by using a consolidated control panel. The control panel allows the operator to control and adjust key system variables quickly and with ease. System controls can be operated manually or automatically depending on the model purchased. An option is available to operate the system remotely.

The system is normally configured as a skid or trailer mounted unit depending on the environment and application. The unit can be used in a wide variety of industries from oil and gas, agriculture, industrial waste streams, and many others.

Accompanying the reaction chambers is the F&T Clean in Place System. The Clean in Place System is a manually controlled maintenance System designed to remove buildup that accumulates on the electrode plates. The Clean in Place System has the capability of using a variety of wash solutions depending on the water being treated. For advanced versions, the Clean in Place System can be operated automatically.

*Note: This document contains information that is for general purposes and actual characteristics and performance may vary in actual use. Nominal characteristics will be provided in accordance with contract terms. Subject to change without notice.