Press Release: F&T Water Solutions Electrocoagulation Demonstration

Press release via KIWASH Electric Cooperative. Open PDF Version

Water Purification Demonstration Using Electricity

A demonstration of oil and gas water filtering or reclamation process will take place on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 in Custer County Oklahoma beginning around 9:30 am and continuing for most of the day. The demonstration of oil field drilling wastewater should proof roughly 90% reclaimed from its contaminated drilling fluids state into reusable brine water. This wastewater is normally injected into disposal wells. Removal of solids through a unique electro-magnetic or electrolysis technique will be demonstrated according to Mr. Jeff Dudgeon of Dudgeon Services of Cordell, Oklahoma (580.832.5477)

F&T Water Solutions will be conducting the research and development demonstration on-site using oil field wastewater from western and southern Oklahoma and west Texas. Oil and gas wastewater has different characteristics based upon the soil conditions in different drilling zones. F&T believes removal of bacteria (H2S) can be accomplished in the reclamation process. Brine water is reusable in drilling operations. If this demonstrated is proven correctly, other potential application besides the oil and gas industry could be the future elimination of chlorine for purification purposes in municipal swimming pools.

Through a Google search you will find: F&T Water Solutions is an advanced water treatment company specializing in electrocoagulation and chemical free integrated technologies. F&T offers an advanced water treatment system, Variable Electro Precipitator™ (VEP™), in conjunction with other pre and post treatment components to provide portable and fixed based solutions to our customers. F&T provides the experience and expertise to produce innovative solutions to water and wastewater treatment by leveraging electrocoagulation and supplemental polymers and absorbents as needed for a complete remediation solution.

Kiwash’s interest is purely as a facilitator on a new application that is based on old electricity principles. Come to observe and ask the tough questions of the equipment manufacturers. Driving directions to the demonstration: From Clinton (hwy 183 and Geary Blvd intersection) drive north on Highway 183, once you drive over the railroad/river bridge it is about one and a quarter mile to County E1010 Road. Turn west on E1010 Road for about one half mile than then turn south on a gravel oil field road to the demonstration site.