About | F&T Water Solutions

F&T Water Solutions is an advanced water treatment company specializing in electrocoagulation and chemical free integrated technologies. F&T offers an advanced water treatment system, Variable Electro Precipitator™ (VEP™), in conjunction with other pre and post treatment components to provide portable and fixed based solutions to our customers.

F&T provides the experience and expertise to produce innovative solutions to water and wastewater treatment by leveraging electrocoagulation and supplemental polymers and absorbents as needed for a complete remediation solution.

Whether you have an immediate wastewater issue at your plant, need to plan and install a complete wastewater treatment system for your facility, or need experienced assistance with a specialized industrial application, we can help. F&T Water Solutions professionals are hands-on, real world designers and operators. We have vast experience in designing and building sustainable and cost effective wastewater treatment plants based on each customers unique set of specifications and requirements. We specialize in providing customized pre-assembled, small footprint, wastewater treatment systems that simplify field construction activity. Our systems includes all instructions, user manuals, training and support necessary to effectively operate these units whether they be oil fields, coal fired power plants, mining or manufacturing facilities. F&T is your single source of accountability in effective wastewater remediation solutions.